Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Banksy was here... in Toronto that is.

I go away to Vancouver for a week and Toronto gets taken over by a cultural who-dunnit of the most amazing kind.
Banksy and his trusted cans of paint are stirring up is it or is it not art controversy all over the street.

Come on over Banksy.... spray paint my front door... do whatever it takes. A Banksy installation are nothing sort of stinging social commentary. Love it or hate it - he sprays truth. And I would welcome it, and the increased culture cred any day.

Torontoist has the best collection of posts on Banksy's Toronto invasion.
Click here to read it.
Click here for my 2008 post about Banksy and his New Orleans installations. Now this is a commentary.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

vik muniz - waste land

Its HotDocs time again and I have seen 4 films.
But this one was the best.

Find it, watch it, be open to finding creative solutions to connect and bring confidence.

A beautiful piece.

He is famous for creating images out of interesting/unusual elements... like a peanut butter and jam Mona Lisa or photo of a a sky written cloud.
Watch the Waste Land trailer below.