Friday, October 23, 2009

Carry On - 2010 Calendar design idea

Keep Calm and Carry On has been the design blogosphere poster darling for 2008, 2009 and it looks like 2010 will be no different.

These adorable poster/calendars are designed by little brown pen.

Like this poster? Buy the PDF from Etsy by clicking here. Added bonus... you can print, and reprint to your heart's delight.

Idea Paint - Brainstorm every inch of a room

Admittedly I am one of those home decor people who painted a bedroom door with black chalkboard paint. A bit passe now that I see this bit of a brilliance.
Idea Paint is downright genius. Right up there with giant post-it notes.
Imagine a whole room, wall, hallway, painted with this stuff to create a writeable, wipe-able white board. Its is genuinely a high-performance product.

Read the Fast Company article here.
Check out Idea Paints very cool website here.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Face Detective - Dopplegangers beware

A very funny, talented writer friend of mine has a keen eye for finding the familiar in the unexpected.

She is none other than the FACE DETECTIVE. ( )
Although I didn't post them here, she also has an obsession with mouse-faces....

Enjoy sleuthing... its amazing.

Pretty as a Polaroid Picture

Designer Jung Hwa Jin has created the Polaroid Flower Vase, a small planter that recalls the nostalgic form of polaroid, with the plant becoming the focus of the "picture." The planter is suspended with a clothespin on the end of a cord, with a small embedded lamp illuminating its subject.

source: here

Crispin Porter Bogusky

It is likely because I think Alex Bogusky and I might make a sweet match that I really like their new agency website.

Smart. Interactive. Engaging.
Non-traditional use of what is now a Traditional medium.
(Yes that's right TRADITIONAL!!! its not new lug-heads).

Good stuff CPB.

Try it out here.

Pantone 2010 - what are the season's hottest colors?

I would like this job. I'd be quite good at going to the ends of the earth to sus out colors, and assinging themes to them.

That's exactly what the Pantone folks do as part of their annual Pantone Color Insitute.

This season's new colors:
Aurora Coming on the heels of Pantone's 2009 color of the year "mimosa yellow," Aurora is a yellow tinted with green that gives off a burst of energy.

Tomato purée This season's classic red can be paired with turquoise, another Pantone hot hue, for a retro look.

Eucalyptus For the ever-practical, Pantone says this hue is cool and classic. To pump it up a bit, throw on some bright shoes and grab a vibrant handbag.

Read Fortune Mag's article.

Read here to learn more about what Pantone is and how it came to be.

Kanye's mini movie "We were once a Fairytale"

Those of you who read my posts know I have a bit of a Kanye obsession. Yeah, okay, the TS incident wasn't cool. Get over it, he went too far, that's what he does. Love it or leave it.

Since then Kanye has been less than vocal, but this week a 11 minute collaboration with Spike Jonze hit the internet. Its a tragic story that straddles a booze filled reality and hallucingic delusion.

I am not sure what all of the drunkness ego blasting embarrassment is about in the beginnng... is it about his insecurities? is it about how blinded one gets to other's when one is only concerned about themselfs in that moment? What is the stabbing about? is it punishing himself, or trying to cleanse himself? And that dramatic moment with his animal spirit (which I loved.... that interaction with just two of them could've been the whole thing and still as powerful). But what was that moment about? It was a rebirth and a death at the same time. Was it like having a lamb that died for your sins? I have more questions than answers, but what I do believe is that its a very personal film in that whether or not it reflects the personal insights or struggles of Mr. West or Mr. Jonze, or me or you, it stirs something morbid and vulnerable inside of us. There is something really confusing and really real about it at the same time.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Running in Video Games

I grew up playing Nintendo, and all of the Super Marios... and playing Sega Genesis and Sonic the Hedge Hog.

Add both of those into a blender with a pair of Nike shoes and this is what you'll get.

Nike Free Run Supernatural from Joseph Cartman on Vimeo.

p.s. love that Nike does some rad non-30second TV spot regulated creations. Brilliant... what do they know about media that everyone else doesn't?