Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pass the ball....and get on with the game.

I agree with Nash... enough is enough.
I agree with Jordan... excuses, excuses.

Snore... I am done with billionaire ballers with bruised egos and confused confidence.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

While we are talking about F#ck...

I am in NYC this weekend staying with some serious Glee and Gwenyth lovers... for those you who are like minded you will appreciate how amazing this song and video are with about G-squareds' help.

I have seen Gnarls Barkley twice... yep braging a bit... and they brought it big time both times. Watch my fave clip from the first time I saw them in Chicago.
Enjoy here.

F#ck or F#ck ya?

Take a read at the recent Fast Company article on the demise of the advertising agency. Evolve or die.

LeBron - what? Part Deux

I love this kind of stuff!! Cleveland has a thing or two to say about his pontifications.

Thanks Julian for sending this along.



I came across a Nerd Boyfriend website.
But honestly, who isn't a nerd? Even Eddie?? He is pretty foxy in that red leather outfit in "Delirious".
I tried so hard to not be a nerd in highschool. That backfired. It doesn't matter what I wear or do, or listen to or hang out with now, I will always have that humbling inner nerd, and I love it.