Friday, September 25, 2009

There is still no cure for AIDS

This is my first broadcast project in 7 years!
Its the creative work of Kevin and Matej at Bensimon Byrne. The music is from The XX. Its an all around creative and inspiring video with an important message - AIDS is still a big problem; how long will it take to make it stop?

I am proud of it. What do you think?

Why does music make you happy?

While you think of your answer... take a gander and let me know if this makes you as happy as it makes me.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Weekend

Oh, The Temptation from Steve V on Vimeo.

Have you ever heard of the psychology experiment about willpower, where a professor would give kids one marshmallow and tell them that if they waited to eat it until he got back, they could have two? The New Yorker ran a great story about it, and now this hilarious video shows kids having the same struggles. Oh, the temptation!

(Video by Steve V, via Swiss-miss and article from Cup of Jo)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Toronto International Film Fest 2009

I love film, and I love TIFF.
so far I have seen 10 films this year.

Here they are in no particular order:
1. Precious
Unbelievable story. Emotionally violent. Incredibly moving. Thumbs up.

2. The Road
Kind of like the Blindness. Very post apocalyptic. Hard to watch at some moments. Gorgeously shot, masterful cadence.

3. Capitalism: A love Story
I am done with Michael Moore documentaries. Same formula. Interesting, but barely.

4. Bright Star
Period piece. I felt like I had damn socks the whole time.

5. Machotaildrop
Skateboard cult movie meets Lord of the Rings. I walked out half way through and didn't look back.

6. The last days of Emma Black
Dark comedy. Interesting character development. Dutch film.

7. Schmatta: Rags to Riches to Rags
Documentary about textile industry, primarily focused on NYC. Good story, I benefited from seeing Capitalism earlier in the day... alot of similarities.\

8. Turtle: The incredible Journey
I thought I would leave halfway through, but stuck with it. Gorgeously shot doc about Sea Turtles. I love Nature.

9. The Damned United
Football fans unite in history of the a beloved coach... nice film. well acted. Thanks Bell for the tickets.

10: Coco Channel and Ivan Stravinsky
okay.... haven't see it yet, but I will see it on Saturday.

11: The House of Branching Love
Very quirky loveable story of jealous. A finnish Film.

What I want to see:
1. Good Hair
A documentary, narrated by Chris Rock about African American hair rituals, beliefs.

2. White Stripes under great northern lights.
Jack and Meg White's 2007 Canadian tour, documented. Amazing!!! must see.

And every other film.....


WWF - world wildlife foundation - in collaboration with DDB Brasil created this campaign.
Watch the TV and read another article here.

My POV is that unless one is doing a 'lest we forget' ad about 9/11, the holocaust, Tiananmen Square, Columbine....that those terrible tragedies shouldn't be used as a reference or belittle to tell a bigger or different story.

The Tsunami was terrible; was it more terrible than 9/11?No, it was different.

There are 1000 creative ways to tell the impact of the Tsunami, the force of mother nature, the importance of respect for both of those without having to crutch it against another tragedy.

I think its a cheap and lazy potshot.

Fantasy Fish Food

I am on a diet.

I know no one is supposed to tell anybody that, but I am. I gained 3kg over the past year and I am not pleased. So I am trying to eat more salad. And while eating salad today I came across this picture. Its part of a larger series of fast food picture... its an attempt to make the 'tempting' not so tempting.
More can be seen here.

I chose this picture because I am a F-FoF, a Friend of the Filet o Fish. And although my beet salad is delish... the taste of that american cheese, the tartar sauce, fluffy white bread... even this photo can't deter me.

Its a small but mighty group. A friend of mine who used to work on McD's advertising told me all about the crazy nutty subculture that is the F-FoF. So I was thrilled when they finally gave us F-FoFs our very own commercial.