Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Britney Effect

This past week radio networks in the US (perhaps elsewhere too) banned together to well, ban, Britney Spear's newest release 'If You Seek Amy'... say it outloud and you hear F.U.C.K Me.

Yep, middle America is outraged and insulted. Parents are shouting "ear muffs" to their children in order to save their innocense. W.T.F. She is an empire built on sexuality. What do you expect? This isn't something to be banned, this is something to be celebrated ya'll. She is a hot F'in mess.

Deliberate or not every move that catches attention, which is most of them, make someone rich (if not B.S. herself) and broadcast across all news networks and mediums. And let's not forget 2007, her famed melt down year where Papparazzi made millions on her sans-panty and head shaving tactics to to the tune of $250K a shot. Lilo, Paris and Perez himself couldn't get this much play with even the best PR pros or the most waxed of bella-poussoirs. I am really starting to believe that grits and processed cheese truly is the breakfast of champions.

Who cares if 'If You Seek Amy' song gets remade to be more air-friendly.

Message is already received. Its the business of Britney Bitch!

Click here for the Portfolio Magazine article breaks down how much Britney is worth, and what people make off of her... including K-Fed, the Paps, the label.

Click here for the Rolling Stone article on the F.U.C.K. ME controversy.

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