Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Apples new Facetime ad

I am very impressed.

Apple hasn't done an emotionally based spot in a long time.

Think Different was probably the last, and it was still rooted in the inspiration and innovation.

Apple's advertising, in my opinion, fits into 3 typical categories: competitive differentiation (PC vs MAC), Innovation (iPhone, iPad demonstration type ads) and experiential (which as of late has been demonstrated in the TV and billboard executions for iTunes and iPod).

This is a wonderful example of how Apple has evolved beyond these three pillars. Beyond innovation. And I would arguably say beyond experience.

This spot is about the truth of technology. It's a marriage of the genuine meaning innovation, and this technology, brings to your life.

It isn't about the iPhone, its about the software in it. Much like how iTunes were the emotional catalysts for iPod.

It's a beautifully poetic spot. It broke my heart and inspired me about 10 times in just one viewing.

Thanks so much for sending it to me Nicole V.

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