Monday, September 29, 2008

Hey Diddy, here's an airline for you.

A few weeks ago Puff Daddy/Diddy-P was lamenting that the high cost of fuel is cutting into his first class diamond encrusted, 1800 tequila sipping international playa lifestyle. As a result he is now opting to fly commercially.

I realize we are a world apart, Diddy and I, but I had a great experience with Porter Airlines this week when I flew to Montreal and I think Diddy should give it a go.

If MadMen, or Apple created their own airline Porter would be it.
  • Stewardess in pillbox hats and uniforms designed by Pink Tartan
  • gorgeous lounges with complimentary coffee, tea, bottles of water, cookies and newspapers
  • no harassing security guards
  • simple blue iconic graphics that make me actually like raccoons.
  • wine...for free on the flight... free wine people, served in glasses, not plastic cups.
  • oh and, an on time safe uneventful flight
The attention to detail is exquisite. When we talk about brand touchpoints, this one has got it all covered. Nothing felt too contrived, yet nothing was left unbranded.

I felt like I was nobody who walked into a somebody experience.

I heart Porter Airlines... now it needs to add a leg to Chicago.

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