Monday, February 9, 2009

Coke's Habit of Hate?

okay... a bit of a mis-leading headline.

My Dad sent this bit of info me. Thanks Dad. click here for the article.

Below are images from a Russian calendar.

Gorgeous graphics. But a confusing message.

A New Habit:

Is Coke just the fail-safe symbol for American oppression, or democratic free-thinking ways? Or is the habit of anti-Americanism so pervasive that it is a mainstream and ubiquitous as a bottle of coke? Or, is Russia truly concerned about the tooth enamel and digestive system of their citizens that they feel that this liquid (oh so tasty when on ice) firecracker should not fit into the daily diet?

What other brands could so poingnantly represent the western world? McDonalds? Nike? Apple? Dare I say Starbucks?.... of that of health? Apple (of a different image) and a toothbrush?

I am going to investigate this one further...

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