Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Today I kept my job.

I have somehow managed to keep my job through 5 rounds of layoffs in various careers.
Today is no exception. I went into this believing it was an equal opportunity let-go and I was right. Good people are now without employment.

If every cloud has a silver lining. This ad might be a thread of tinsel.
We know there is truth in advertising and however, fragile and precious your job feels in this fleeting economy, there is somewhere in you that seeks a break and change from the daily grind.

I really like this spot. And I love that unlike the spot that ran for the superbowl this one doesn't have the super lame 'supers' at the end telling you what's different. It didn't address the job crisis, which could be debated as +/-, but I liked the attractive positioning of change.
Good work speaks for this case.

click here for another comparison article on the 2 ads.

BTW - I do love my job. Alot.
and not because of the paycheck.

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