Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fantasy Fish Food

I am on a diet.

I know no one is supposed to tell anybody that, but I am. I gained 3kg over the past year and I am not pleased. So I am trying to eat more salad. And while eating salad today I came across this picture. Its part of a larger series of fast food picture... its an attempt to make the 'tempting' not so tempting.
More can be seen here.

I chose this picture because I am a F-FoF, a Friend of the Filet o Fish. And although my beet salad is delish... the taste of that american cheese, the tartar sauce, fluffy white bread... even this photo can't deter me.

Its a small but mighty group. A friend of mine who used to work on McD's advertising told me all about the crazy nutty subculture that is the F-FoF. So I was thrilled when they finally gave us F-FoFs our very own commercial.

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