Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kanye's mini movie "We were once a Fairytale"

Those of you who read my posts know I have a bit of a Kanye obsession. Yeah, okay, the TS incident wasn't cool. Get over it, he went too far, that's what he does. Love it or leave it.

Since then Kanye has been less than vocal, but this week a 11 minute collaboration with Spike Jonze hit the internet. Its a tragic story that straddles a booze filled reality and hallucingic delusion.

I am not sure what all of the drunkness ego blasting embarrassment is about in the beginnng... is it about his insecurities? is it about how blinded one gets to other's when one is only concerned about themselfs in that moment? What is the stabbing about? is it punishing himself, or trying to cleanse himself? And that dramatic moment with his animal spirit (which I loved.... that interaction with just two of them could've been the whole thing and still as powerful). But what was that moment about? It was a rebirth and a death at the same time. Was it like having a lamb that died for your sins? I have more questions than answers, but what I do believe is that its a very personal film in that whether or not it reflects the personal insights or struggles of Mr. West or Mr. Jonze, or me or you, it stirs something morbid and vulnerable inside of us. There is something really confusing and really real about it at the same time.

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