Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pantone 2010 - what are the season's hottest colors?

I would like this job. I'd be quite good at going to the ends of the earth to sus out colors, and assinging themes to them.

That's exactly what the Pantone folks do as part of their annual Pantone Color Insitute.

This season's new colors:
Aurora Coming on the heels of Pantone's 2009 color of the year "mimosa yellow," Aurora is a yellow tinted with green that gives off a burst of energy.

Tomato purée This season's classic red can be paired with turquoise, another Pantone hot hue, for a retro look.

Eucalyptus For the ever-practical, Pantone says this hue is cool and classic. To pump it up a bit, throw on some bright shoes and grab a vibrant handbag.

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Read here to learn more about what Pantone is and how it came to be.

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