Monday, January 11, 2010

Republic of Bacon Unites

Every once in a while a campaign comes along that screams Peter Edmonds.
Or in perhaps your case, just fill in the blank with whomever it is in your life that loves and adores the briliance of a certain product. And in my case its Peter, and the product is bacon.

Peter is one of my best friends in the whole wide world. And he loves bacon. And I love them both, almost equally.

The Republic of Bacon is fantasy world created and built for people like Peter.

This campaign is amazing. It takes you to a whole new world (not a maple leaf food world with listeria ). Although the website looks almost exactly like Kanye West's website... it comes to life because it surrounds you with rituals, themes, anthems... kind of like the Valley of the Jolly Green Giant, it is a special place just for bacon lovers.
I love when brand creates a whole special universe for themselves. I think it's brilliant, and its particularly brilliant when they go all the way to bright on it. Most brands don't have the guts or the budget to fully realize an entire campaign this deeply. They did not hold back. And as a result they got a living breathing personality/city to work with now and into the future. They took the notion of the love of bacon and put a whole code of conduct behind it... there is an anthem, there is ritual, and even a touch of pork porn. They are creating a cult, and isn't that what great branding does?

The Republic of Bacon Porn for First Timers.

Bacon Love TV spot... what I want to share is the Aromatherapy one.... but I can't find it. ( I suspect they are saving on talent costs with no internet!!)

click here for Homer Simpson quotes about bacon. (hmm, royal society of bacon posted it... interesting and yet, somehow suspicious).

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