Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Russia 2014 Winter Olympics Logo

Does this look like engenius identity development to you?

This is new logo for the next winter Olympics. Their tagline is "The Gateway to the Future". The work was described as a 'unique digital emblem' by Interbrand, their agency. Really Russia? This isn't 1984, this is 2010 and you are supposed to be branding yourself for 2014. Putting a .com/.ca/.ru/.net is not fresh thinking.

I have strong feelings about websites on the end of logos, or as part of logos. Unless online is your core compentency, then maybe.... but it certainly isn't branding genius.
Why am I fussing? Nothing bugs me more than when marketers (like myself) are so full of complimentary, justifying marketing BS terms that you just want cash in your chips and never create again (read the Intebrand article here). When something like this is considered breakthrough, where do we have to go now? Is it good riddance Twitter and Hello gramophone?
Now don't get me wrong. I think its stylistically quite gorgeous. And much like the Vancouver/Whistler work I love the scenic play, and I love that they used original photography and mixed it with key iconography.... but to say that a website in a logo is - One: unique, Two: Makes it an emblem, and Three: Digital is a stretch.

Its hard to manage clients. Especially fiercely cautious and protective clients. But being the first to finely balance not only the city, but the country and a website all into an Olympic identity seems natural, but not revolutionary. I know 'simple' is not so simple. And I am sure people are wondering 'Jessica, go ahead and do better yourself then!' But what this says to me is that the client was hard to work with if this is what is considered progressive. I bet alot of fresh thinking was left on the table before acquiesing to this. Interbrand is a talented group.... and the billable hours it took to do this across 12 international offices screams meet in the middle to me.

The concept work, much like the Olympics needs to live up to its own creed of "faster, higher, stronger." This just tells me I can check my email in Russia.... good know, but not enough for me to care.

Nice looking? sure.
Brillianty inspiring? not really.
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