Tuesday, October 26, 2010

LeBron - what?

Nicole, thank you for always sending me great little tid-bits to comment on.
They always make me stop and think.

Today's gift from Nicole is LeBron's new NIKE commercial.

Yes, LeBron we get it... you think we (or is it Cleveland?) demonizes you for wanting to play your best basketball ever. All I have to say is 'Just do it.'
You earned it, you worked hard. Go out and win big. Just don't forget to give back.

As for Wieden Kennedy, who I think did this ad, I love your work (one link per word). Almost always. But I agree with my dear friend Nicole, perhaps a tad 'Tiger-inspired.. non?'. I think the concept is interesting - trying to humanize a god (okay... we all know that's a stretch). But is this the strongest idea? (you already know how I feel about the execution)...No, I don't think it is. Too soon. I would've liked something less selfish, less LeBron. Less King James. I would've preferred something about the good that comes from change and challenge. Challenges are everywhere, but its what you make out of them that separates the players from the ballers (or something like that).

Anyhoo... LeBron, I wish you well. I am super fan. If I didn't already admire (read love, but that sounds creepy) Steve Nash so much, maybe you would be my #1(3).

Say hi to Bosh...where is his ad? Toronto is still feeling burned.

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