Sunday, November 23, 2008

New York Times Magazine article: Multi-Screen Mad Men

Today's NY Times Mag article is a must read for anybody in the ad/marketing/branding/idea machine business.

I feel smart again. I feel inspired again. And I feel that although it may sound complicated, it is simple again.
Lately I feel as though my tires have been spinning 100mph, but in the mud. Getting an idea unstuck and gaining traction has been difficult, and AAA is not picking up.
This article in this week's New York Times Magazine has reminded me that marketing, advertising, entertaining, selling (whatever you want to call it) is at its purest always a creative process...and this is my preach to those in the industry, it does require magic and faith (formulas run out of gas). However, even with a great magic, faith-a-plenty idea, the mediums by which it is delivered has suffered from a lack of creativity. When delivered through relevant little layers, selectfully targetted, but all born from the same idea, a beautiful symphony takes place. People feel inspired through the discovery of a message, and one that feels like it has just come along at the perfect time for 'you'.

I also liked the collaborative idea generation that took place as the panel was each delivered a 'problem' to 'solve'.
I love my job, but it's refreshing to find moments that expand your thinking beyond your day to day. I so desperately needed tobe remembered that we can market and speak differently, and this article helped cleared the cob-webs.

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