Friday, December 4, 2009

Fashionble PR pop-up stunt by Holt Renfrew

This week in the westend strip of King West, which is home to Toronto's ad agency alley and oyster shucking hipsters with too much money, Holt Renfrew, Canada's leading luxury retailer set up a temporary boutique shop in the sales center of Fashion House condominiums.
What it is.... its an aesthetically-pleasing, well-curated sampling of gorgeous HR merchandise. It felt like a Barney's Co-Op and Anthropology experience. Expensive high-end merchandise was on display, open and touchable. It was a wonderful sampling experience and great way to show case affordable luxuries in real life situations - and bring them to the masses. The lunch hour lurk was in full force. I fell in love with raspberry headphones and Philip Lim sunglasses.
Pop-Ups are not new thing. They are fantastic way to build up a brands experience by giving it more liscense to curate and target in a more dramatic fashion.... and it gets a heck of alot of PR. In 2009, Ikea created one in the furniture district to launch their new catalog. My favourite is when Target had taken over a few neighbourhood bodegas in New York to display their limited edition designer series. Read more about that here.
Its the PR aspect that intreges me. I love how the untraditional is what gets this thing off the ground. I received an email about the event (because I am on their email list), there are wild posting posters all around the neighbourhood, plus the pop-up is street level, on a very pedestrian busy downtown street.... a street with no banker or brokers, so there is a bit more license to have time to browse.
And read more about Holt Renfrew's pop-up here: Fashion Magazine's article. (photos courtesy of this same article)

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Dejana • said...

I was there on Thursday and I have some exclusives from Barbara Atkin (VP Fashion Direction) and Jackie Charest (Marketing Director).
Come check it out!