Monday, December 7, 2009

Starbucks (RED) and a good viral story.

What does a whole bunch of strangers singing the Beatle "Love" have to do with coffee?
Nothing!! that's why I love it.
I love when a brand focuses so acutely on emotion and experience....
and when one does, and does it well, this is what you get.

BTW - it does have something to do with coffee. 10-15% of Starbucks coffee comes from Africa. AIDs in Africa is a rampant disease. By helping to provide relief for victims of AIDs, they help make a healthier community, and a healthier community makes from a vibrant country, and a country that is vibrant, contributes positively to their continent, the globe and more important back to the healthy people that live within its boarders. Its kind of a good news viral story.

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