Sunday, April 19, 2009

Get out the Kleenex - Part 1

Every once in a while something magical happens.

I believe they are magical because they are authentic, true, aspirational and meaningful.

They rare moments that have a way of making us pause in our busy day, reflect.... and when things are this amazing, people want to share.

at present - this video of Susan Boyle has been see 19Million times since last Saturday.

The most viewed video is 7 minutes long, and with some simple math that equates to 253 years of consistant viewing should one person have watched it that many times.

1 week people!!! in 1 week the amount of time around the world spent watching this video is 253 years!!!!

It is a beautiful and surprizing story... click here to watch the video. click here to read a very good Huffington Post article on why this story means so much to many.

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