Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yeah Earth.

Dear Earth,

Today is your special day. I suppose it is a day of thanks and celebration for you, but I have to admit, I feel like I am barely showing up to the party.

I think of you often and want to do my best for you all the time, but I am embarrased to say that I get lazy and forgetful, and I let you down. You give give give, and I take take take.

It isn't enough for me to say I think I do better than others... what good does that thin veil of a statement do for you? nothing.

My promise to you Earth is that I am going to do my best to honour you and to be thankful for all the wonderful beautiful things that you are. I am going to support you and be mindful.

Today, I am going to start by making a few 30 day commitments.
  1. use a travel mug
  2. compost
  3. no styrofoam lunch containers

Sorry I am such a shelp. I will try to do better.
I love you Earth,


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