Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter - Release the Goo

One might have thought I gave this site up for Lent... I gave up cookies.

But nothing gets me more inspired to write or in the Easter mood than these wicked awesome Cadbury Easter Egg ads.
Edgy, fun, simple...and apply to all audiences.

Here are 3 12:sec ads strung together:

This is the idea that keeps on giving... essentially just borrowing from a 1001 ways to die book.

I also love love love that they are little 10sec spots - perfect for on-line, perfect for cinema, perfect for people to create their own, perfect for television.... by 1 30:second spot and negotiate to have 3 of the spots run between different ads.

Check out details on the Canadian campaign - even the flash count down is keeping in character.

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