Monday, July 4, 2011

100 Questions. Future of BXM retail - How, When and Where we'll buy.

Good morning. It has been a while since I have written. Between the exciting Stanley Cup run to Vancouver's gruesome loss of its cool, a big TV campaign at work, a weed-loving garden, two trips home to Vancouver, for a wedding and for my Dad's 60th... I have been trying to work on my independant study for my Masters of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation, at OCADU.

So... what is my independant study and how do I play on tackling it?

Here it is 'Elevator going up', now pitch!!

I am studying the future of Bricks and Mortar (BXM) retail. How, when and where we'll buy.

This ranges from the relationships between dedicated BXM, on-line, to various distributor models. It also emcompasses the role of the transaction through credit, cash, debit paypal, emerging NFC and mobile-wallet technologies. The landscape is changing... and I am interested in looking at emerging relationships, exploring what hurts and what helps retailers.

How do I start to unravel this big freakin' web of stuff to untangle. Right now I am in a big freaking web of stuff... so to start I have asked 100 questions. (I am not sure how to post them in ... so stay tuned). The purpose of the 100 questions exercise is to essentially brain dump all of the questions/topics/thinking I might have on the subject... and from there start honing. For me the exercise was a breeze until I got to around #35... then I had to push. It took me another 2 hours (of procrastination, emptying the dishwasher, changing the music, making coffee) to really pump out the rest. And since then, I have crafted another 20 or so that I need to document. Once you've untapped it... away it goes :)

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