Monday, July 4, 2011

Retail Infographic - 3 of 3

Well, here in lies the rub of data. Who's data to believe? Data and info-graphics while gorgeous, beautiful and much easier to digest that decks of powerpoints are to always be digitently questioned.

Here is an infographic, based on Canadian sensus data from 2009 to tell a story in 2011. Compared to the global chart that demarks how many nations are spending, this one breaks down the catagories into more detail, but the total amount of dollars, compared to the GOOD, this one in the version are greater. Ah... finally my out of control spending on clothing has finally been noticed by Census Canada!!

I think its a jounty little diagram, it helps to see where the spend takes place. I am not sure how I would use this data yet in my study. But it is interesting to note that the education and the healthcare spends stand out to me as likely the more conservative in relation to our neighbours to the South. I would also be interested to know where the groceries/the booze and the clothes are being bought... its one thing to buy, its another to know where and how they got it.

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