Monday, July 4, 2011

Retail Infographic - 1 of 3

I can across 3 infographics that I think are worth discussing. This one I found on GOOD. Good is a well, great resource for emerging innovations and discussions.

There are 2 graphs here... both tell essentially the same story, just a different way to present the information.

Graphs like this are important because they show what industries are over indexing, which are under and in there lies the potential for uncovering opportunities for innovation to tip the engagement in one direction or another.

I was shocked at how much clothing is being purchased on-line. As such a finicky personalized service I was convinced that it would be lower... this begs the question, who is doing it well. and to dig deeper, which markets are more interested in spending online.

I also slightly obsessed with how under indexed the BILLION dollar industry of pharmaceuticals appears to be. And why. I have big Muaah-haaa-haaa laugh in my head... someone, somewhere is clamping that opportunity down and I want to crack it wide open. More to come on how I would like to do that (that's a whole other independant study).

This is a great introductory image. It demonstrates opportunities... What would help flesh this out is data for Canada (oui!), a time continuum. I'd like to see how this fairs from 2-3 years ago, and I'd like a geographic overlay. Too much to ask??

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