Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Korean Grocery - brilliant use of Cross Channel retail

Do you ever get that feeling of absolute inspiration and then jealousy at the same time? I do. Its not healthy, but admitting that I have a problem is the first step to recovery, right?

This casestudy is freaking awesome and so smart. This grocer set out to become the biggest grocery retailer, but the brief was how to do it without new bricks and mortar locations. The obvious (or not so obvious) is to build the on-line channel. But what is so special about this is that they perfectly combined their need to grow business with a need of the people... to avoid the pain, strain and time of grocery shopping, with an inspired experience. They found the 'white space' in people's day, like waiting for a subway, and made this space engaging, fun and with a meaningful transaction. Its genius.

As part of my study I have been looking at the role of 'staples' in the BXM and online world. When you know what you need and you are just refilling, what's the rolle of the retailer. How can you meet your needs most efficiently without compromising on the positive aspects of the experience.

I love this idea. It has set the bar so high for me that I want to scream. But its exciting... now... how to disruptively innovate this badboy.

The question I have now

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