Monday, October 6, 2008


I was at two weddings this weekend. One very casual (camp chic), one very formal. Both were fantatic. But I have to say there is nothing quite like a sharp dressed man.

Fashion flexing was abound at the Saturday night wedding: narrow lapels, tie clips, skinny and fat ties, slim trousers. I loved ever second of it.

You see, I work in an office where golf shirts and khaki pants are the norm and the pink shirt is considered fashion forward, so hopefully you can appreciate my enthusiams for the 'styled' gentlemen last evening.

For more fun inspiration check out GQs Trad and True (traditional and true...that too me a bit to figure out). And for a daily dose of fashion fun visit The Sartorialist.

p.s. That's a cord suit in the top picture. Daring, but certainly dapper.

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