Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Brains in Advertising

Here are two very cool ads, for two very cool brands.
But, the catch is they seem to be derived from the same 'central nervous system' concept.

They came from the same ad agency, Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam. I love all things WK, but this coincidence is a tad to coincidental for me. Was the CD on vacation that week? I think these are a both a tad too similar in concept, albeint different in execution.


Here is the first one:

Click on the image it will take you to a site to view it.

And now the second:

Here are my thoughts, aside from the whole same agency brain concept similarity:

I always love Nike ads. It is truly the only true brand I am loyal too. However.... Coke Zero's 'jabba the hut' brain, eyeball and tongue ads have a soap opera quality about them that truly engages. I like their stories, their personalities... its all around great and it really carves out a new identify for this Coke product. Nike takes great creative leaps and its great to see that WK is able to do the same, and succeed for Coke Zero.

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CMA said...

Super cool, I love both of them!
It is kind of coincidental that they are both from the same agency.. but heck, they are so good I guess WK can just get away with that. Maybe they were meant for different markets? I have yet to see the Nike ad anywhere but on the internet (whereas I see the coke one all the time on TV).