Thursday, October 2, 2008

Steve Jobs vs. __________

There is alot to like about Apple.

They likely already had the shuffle developed, when they launched the first iPod. They also revolutionalized the music industry by selling the music and owning the hardware. That's just smart, cool and a great business model. (note: interesting iTunes update oct 2)

But that isn't the only story that is changing MBA text books. Steve Jobs had intestinal cancer and continued to be Apple's CEO. The ability for Apple to continue to grow in his absence has been called into question by investors, which has its board of directors putting out rumours while trying to balance the books and develop a succession plan.

But can or should business results and investor confidence be tied directly to the ceo's health? and is it Wall Street's business if you are sick and running a company?

Read and let me know your thoughts.

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