Friday, October 10, 2008


I HEART Vancouver, Chicago and Paris.

I also HEART the idea of city branding. I am a rookie in this subject matter, but I plan to be an expert after I read this 145 page thesis on the subject. (seriously, I am going to read and provide a book report).

I HEART NYC is the first example of city branding that comes to my mind. I like it because its simple, clean, emotional and still fun.

It was commissioned in 1977, by William S. Doyle, the Deputy of the New York State Department of Commerce. He hired advertising agency Wells Rich Greene to develop a marketing campaign for New York State. Doyle also recruited Milton Glacer, a graphic designer, to work on the campaign, and created the design based on Wells Rich Greene's advertising campaign. Something they thought would only last a few short months has become a badge of recognition, honour and spoofing.

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